Regular Flour Mill

Description :

Our Flour Mill grinding all types of Grains, Pulses and Dry spices. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to move. Can be operated on Domestic Power Supply. The flour mill is mechanically well Balanced, Reducing the noise factor and power consumption. High quality, & long -life. Low speed (rpm) grinding assures, the flour does not get over heated.

Model No. RI-301 RI-302 RI-303 RI-304
Model Name 8″Regular 10″Regular 12″Regular 14″Regular
Stone Thickness 44mm 50mm 75mm 75mm
Single Phase Motor 1 HP 1440 RPM 1.5 HP 1440 RPM 2 HP 1440 RPM 3 HP 1440 RPM
Power Expanse 0.75 Unit 1.25 Unit 1.60 Unit 2.5 Unit
V-Belt size B- B- B- B-
Shaft size mm mm mm mm
Ball Bearing 6205 ZZ 6205 ZZ 6207 ZZ 6207 ZZ
Production Per Hour*Approx(230 Volts) 10 to 12 Kg. 18 to 22 Kg. 25 to 30 Kg. 30 to 35 Kg.